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Without question, Structural Components success has been the integration of engineering, field services and construction under one roof.   Whether a tower strengthening project is designed internally or by another firm, the same level of care is taken to ensure the enhancements are feasible.   Any questions or concerns?  Structural Components will send a field team of engineers to gain accurate measurements and brainstorm solutions to the problem before they become a costly issue during construction. It’s just the way!     



There are plenty of engineering firms that can run a structural analysis of a communications tower but very few that have the innovation, practicality and know-how to specify reinforcements when towers do not meet structural code compliance. That is where the real engineering begins. With 15+ years in the industry and engineers with field experience, we pride ourselves in the most accurate analysis possible. We utilize the latest codes, software and analysis methods for your communication structure needs. All work is sealed by a Professional Engineer and can be completed for sites in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.





Tower and Foundation Analysis


Tower and Foundation Reinforcement Design


Antenna Mount Analysis and Reinforcement Design


Specialty Structure Analysis – Complex Towers, Concealment Structures, Water Towers, Smokestacks


Small Cell and Light Pole Design and Analysis


Rigging Plans in Accordance with TIA 1019-A


Rooftop Evaluation for Antenna or PV Systems

Field Services


Structural Components has a full service field department and maintains a well-trained staff that is ready to be deployed to any size or type of tower, anywhere in the United States. SC’s field personnel have degrees in engineering along with extensive training and experience to inspect and document any structure type. We pride ourselves in the level of detail obtained in the field and going the extra distance to satisfy our customers. Mapping reports are typically in the hands of the client 2 weeks after orders have been received, but can be completed in less than one week for rush requests.

Tower and Line/Antenna Mappings


Foundation Mappings


TIA-222-G TIA Inspections


Post Construction/Special Inspections


Ground Audits


Geotechnical Reports

Safety Climb System Installations 

Structural Repairs




Structural Components utilizes their vast catalog of standardized reinforcement parts, capability of custom design, internal engineering and fabrication to provide its customers with high quality products and speed to market. Structural Components has dedicated tower modifications crews and has performed over 500 modifications across the United States and Puerto Rico for the tower and oil/gas industries.


Construction services include:

Pre-construction Mapping


Special Inspections and Testing, including CWI and Pull Testing






Tower and Foundation Modifications

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follow your project


Structural Components invites you to follow your projects in real-time through the Puush online platform. Log on to find scheduling, crew check-ins, overall status along with all documents and photos or receive text messages/email notifications with any milestone. 

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