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Tower reinforcement





Although we are used to traveling wherever our clients need us to, sometimes we find ourselves with a major project in our own backyard. SC was contacted to take the reigns on a project surrounding an over stressed tower facing some major constraints:

Screenshot 2022-10-05 214255.png

Location was zoned in a manner that would not allow for a full tower replacement



Space restrictions on site would require specialty drilling rigs to properly install new foundations



Existing carriers on tower needed to have limited down time



Reinforcement design must not exceed current tower footprint

Our team was tasked with designing and overseeing the construction of a solution to resolve the extreme stress and twist this tower was seeing under relatively low wind speeds. We used every department in our company from initial inspection and design to fabrication/procurement and construction in order to complete this project under tight deadlines and minimize down time to current carriers on tower. In addition to successfully reinforcing the tower and returning all carriers to service, our staff was able to increase the reserve capacity of the tower for at least two future carriers. We pride ourselves on being a complete and singular resource for our clients regardless of project size or scope.

Selected project

Browse through a sample of photos and documents used in this project. Close out packages are tailored to our clients requirements and vary from each job. Typical packages may include original Modification Drawings, Structural Analysis Documentation, Before & After Photos of work performed and Drone video or photography. Structural Components strives to create complete close out packages that allow our clients to trust the quality of work performed on their many assets across the United States

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