Professional, Innovative, Reliable Expertise through Experience.

There are plenty of engineering firms that can run a structural analysis of a communications tower but very few that have the innovation, practicality and know-how to specify reinforcements when towers do not meet structural code compliance. That is where the real engineering begins. With 15+ years in the industry and engineers with field experience, we pride ourselves in the most accurate analysis possible. Structural Components utilize the latest codes, software and analysis methods for your communication structure needs. All work is sealed by a Professional Engineer and can be completed for sites in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Engineering Services Include:

  • Tower and Foundation Analysis
  • Tower and Foundation Reinforcement Design
  • Antenna Mount Analysis and Reinforcement Design
  • Specialty Structure Analysis ‚Äď Complex Towers, Concealment Structures, Water Towers, Smokestacks
  • Small Cell and Light Pole Design and Analysis
  • Rigging Plans in Accordance with TIA 1019-A
  • Rooftop Evaluation for Antenna Equipment or PV Systems